Information Session for Small Farmers and Agribusinesses

Cooperative Extension at the Durham County Center

On February 13, 2018, and on March 5, 2018, Durham County Cooperative Extension will host a resource information session for small farmers and agribusinesses.  Local organizations such as “Land Loss Prevention Project” and “Self-Help” will talk to farmers and agribusiness owners about the free or low-cost services they provide.  This session will give small farmers and agribusiness owners resources that could potentially protect and grow their business.

Farming isn’t an easy business to run. It can be tough with the many long hours spent in the field, the unpredictable weather, the many government mandates, the constant changes to the supply and demand, and many others. Because of these factors, we are developing future programs and information sessions to help farmers and other agribusiness owners succeed.

  1. “Land Loss Prevention Project”: The information Session for Farmers will be from 8:30 am to 10 am on February 13, 2018, at the Cooperative Extension at the Durham County Center in Durham, NC 27701.
  2. “Self-Help”: The Information Session for Agribusinesses will be held on March 5, 2018, from 9:30 am to 11 am at the Cooperative Extension at the Durham County Center in Durham, NC 27701.

Space is limited.  Register today and reserve your spot.

Online Registration for the February 13th event:

Online Registration for the March 5th event:

Or contact Darnell Parker at or (919) 560-0532



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