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Helping You Grow!

Turn to your local N.C. Cooperative Extension Center for knowledge that can help you create and care for sustainable, resilient landscapes and cultivate nourishing, productive food gardens. Resources available to residents from the Durham County Center include:


Answers to Your Questions—Solutions for Your Problems

Extension Master Gardener Volunteers are available Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, to provide research-based solutions for your lawn, landscape, and garden problems.

  • Call us at (919) 560-0528
  • Email: mastergardener@dconc.gov
  • Visit us at the Durham County Cooperative Extension Office,

721 Foster Street, Durham, NC  27701

Gardening Information for Durham County Conditions  

Durham County Cooperative Extension provides gardening advice specifically for Durham County conditions. To access online gardening information, visit the Durham County Cooperative Extension websit at:

http://Durham.ces.ncsu.edu and click on the Lawn & Garden link.

Master Gardener’s blog: https://durhammastergardeners.wordpress.com/


Soil Testing Supplies

The only accurate way to know which nutrients your soil needs to support healthy plant growth is to submit a sample to the NC Department of Agriculture’s soil testing Lab in Raleigh. Boxes, forms and instructions for doing this are available from all Cooperative Extension offices.  Soil testing supplies are free at the office.  Soil testing is free April 1 through November.  December through March the cost is $4, and the sample must be taken to the NCDA in Raleigh.

To learn more about soil testing: http://go.ncsu.edu/soiltest


Gardening Resources Available from NC Cooperative Extension

Extension resources available to gardeners across North Carolina include         Extension’s Plant Database, the Extension Gardener newsletter, Extension’s Community Garden Portal, and much more! Explore them all by visiting https://gardening.ces.ncsu.edu


Extension Gardener Classes and Workshops

Extension Gardener classes, workshops and short courses teach local residents how to garden sustainably in central North Carolina. Topics covered include fruit, herb and vegetable gardening, ecological landscape design, sustainable landscape and garden maintenance practices, and integrated pest management. Extension Gardener programs are offered throughout the year and are open to all residents. Visit: http://gardening.ces.ncsu.edu   click on events.


Speakers Bureau

Need a speaker about gardening for a meeting or an event?

Contact our office at 919-560-0528

or e-mail: mastergardener@dconc.gov

Please give us at least 3 months advance notice.


Public Events

Need Master Gardeners to have an information table at your event?

Contact the office at 919-560-0528

Or e-mail mastergardener@dconc.gov

Please give us at least 3 months advance notice.


Extension Master Gardenersm Program

Expand your knowledge and give back to your community by becoming a Master Gardener volunteer! To learn more about the Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program in Durham County.

Contact:  mastergardener@dconc.gov  Or call 919-560-0528


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